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View Full Version : 2 more tales of Apple customer service

06-26-2009, 07:03 AM
Recently I needed to use Apple customer service twice for different issues.

1. The power brick on the mag safe power adapter for my MacBook Pro died on my wife while she was traveling in Sweden. Fortunately for her she was able to pick up a (European) replacement at an Apple-authorized dealer in Stockholm (no official Apple store in Sweden). She didn't know that it was still under warranty, so didn't even try to get it fixed for free- she was just happy to be charging again. Anyway, as soon as she was back I called up Apple customer care and described the problem to them. They overnighted a replacement power adapter to me and we had it the next morning. (And now we have a spare power adapter for the travel bag.)

2. The back casing on my old (retired) iPhone 3G had a 1.5 cm stress crack emanating from the ringer switch. I just got the new 3GS and wanted to get the 3G fixed under warranty before giving it to my wife to replace her original iPhone. I took it to the Genius Bar at our local Apple store and they replaced it with a pristine-looking refurb unit in just a few minutes with no questions asked.

So, one example of phone support and one example of in-store retail support. In both cases, Apple provided me with great service (as well they should since I provide them with some nice profits).