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View Full Version : New App from QuoreFunctions in the wings

01-24-2009, 08:48 PM
If you're a Fan of the nifty little Apps by Quorefunctions (and I am!) you might want to note the following.
After another primitive Stylus-fest with my AT&T FUze, I was really missing the functionalaity of their excellent "SmartphonePopUps" app that I loved on my 'old' BlackJack(I & II). I can't understand why 'Finger-Friendly' PPC interfaces like TouchFlo still use the stupid, annoying and impossible to use with a finger WMPro notification popups. So I emailed quorefunctions to ask them to create a solution ( I did the same thing regarding the multi-colored LED on the BlackJack II and a month later - tah dah, they released LED Effects. I'm not saying they weren't already workin on it, but you never know B) ). They don't seem to be working on this issue (sigh), but interestingly, I received the following email about 10 minutes later:
"Were have a new app in development for PPC along the lines of LED alerts and Inbox Tones combo with repeating alerts. Should be released next month."
Sounds cool!
The only downside is that even though it seems like an upgrade to their Inbox ones, there will be no 'Upgrade' pricing:
"Unfortunately it is a completely different app and not an upgrade to inboxtones."
Hopefully this means that there's alot more functionality buried in it to justify the purchase of a new App for those of us who already have Inbox Tones on our PPCs. Sadly, I doubt it will be for me, as I am using a Fuze and HTC has a single colour LED on it. Maybe the software will allow it to spin in one direction for a missed call/appointment and in the other direction for Messages!
Hmmm... Hey Quorefunctions, I just had an idea...!