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View Full Version : I'm done with the Zune Pass

04-09-2007, 06:49 AM
Well as I posted a couple weeks ago, I've had some trouble with my Zune as a result of doing the 1.3 update. Essentially what I ending up doing was wipe out my Zune, uninstall the software, and then just start completely over. However, this did not solve my Zune woes. The next problem that came up was that with my Zune Pass I was unable to sync the songs I downloaded from the marketplace onto my Zune (but the songs ripped from CDs onto my computer would sync just fine). The 1st song from the marketplace would start to sync, the sync bar would say 100%, and then it would just stay there, then my Zune device would show the main menu (even though it was connected), and then the syncing would stop.

I talked with 5 different customer services reps on Thursday and Friday who had me delete my marketplace songs and then restore them on 3 different occasions (which I had done on my own prior to talking to them), and I even had one guy who told me to uninstall the software, then install from the CD and just not upgrade:confused:

Anyways, after about 6 1/2 hours spent with customer service on Friday, I was so fed up with the Zune that I almost decided to sell my Zune on ebay and just get another ipod (my wife has one). :eek: However, I just resigned myself to canceling my Zune Pass and only having ripped content on my Zune.

If you guys have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it, but I'm really disappointed with my Zune right now :(

04-12-2007, 03:20 AM
Dont have a Zune Pass, I just buy the points and download.
But I do understand the frustration you are going thru....
A couple of days ago I bought an album from MarketPlace, didnt do anything different than I normally do, the process was working fine until it got to the purchasing point and then it just sat there......for 45 minutes?
Really didnt know what to do, so I closed out the program and rebooted the computer.
Well needless to say that didnt work. So I called Zune support and they did a good job telling me where to find the incompleted transactions page. Did that and it started to work, until I got off the phone and then it stopped with 4 songs to go. Tried the whole thing over again, nothing. By this time the support line was down.
The next day after work called support again and after going thru a couple of techs, who all said this was weird, but kept reminding me to go to the web page for lots of helpful info?, finally got them to admit they really didnt know what happened, so they gave me credit for the 4 songs I didnt get and had me start to download them again. Well guess what? It worked until I got off the phone and then it stopped again with 2 songs to go. I went to bed.
Got up the next day and still nothing and the 158 points I should have had left over....gone?
So I am getting a bit ticked off that maybe this whole thing is heading south.
So, I buy some more points and bought another album.....Worked great!
Went back and bought the 2 songs that I never did get the first and second time....no problem.
What I have figured out is when buying the first time my computer apparently froze up, marketplace thought I had gotten what I ordered but I didnt and when I tried to download again I didnt have enough points to buy what I had already bought.
Did not intend to hijack your thread, but really had to get this experience off my chest, my wife just looks at me and shakes her head.:confused:

Sorry this doesnt answer your question, but now you know you are not alone in having frustrating experiences with MarketPlace.

However all that said, I would not give up my Zune for any other device out there!