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View Full Version : SuperCalendar Version 3.6 just released by ScaryBear Software

11-08-2005, 07:23 PM
ScaryBear Software has just released SuperCalendar version 3.6 with the following changes:

Made several updates for support on the Windows Mobile 5 OS devices:

[list:096005351f] When editing existing appts that span more than one day, the editor will display the end date as one more day than it really should be. Corrected this issue
Made various changes to accommodate the new persistent memory environment
Updated the coding to recognize appointment database changes and refresh the SuperCalendar screen
For Dell x50v devices (with VGA screens), corrected a display window sizing issue for the Month View screen
For the 24-hour time format regional setting, corrected an issue with the displayed date in the appointment edit screen
Simplified the coding to better handle different regional date settings[/list:u:096005351f]This is a point release, so existing users can download this update from our web site at www.scarybearsoftware.com


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