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View Full Version : eGroupCard

11-05-2005, 01:38 PM
A friend of mine has started what I consider to be a unique way to send friends/aquaintances/co-workers etc. greeting cards for special occasions.

With the holidays quickly approaching, this just may be just the ticket to reach out to tell someone that their being thought of. :)

What it is...

" eGroupCard is a web based service that enables a group of people to choose, personalize and send a greeting card - for any occasion - to that special someone. eGroupCard's unique service enables you to circulate an electronic greeting card to groups of people (colleagues, friends, and family), let them personalize the eCard with their own comments, and then you send the finished eCard to that special someone. "

eGroupCard is currently offering it's service at no charge throughout the current beta period. "

Thanks for your time and for listening. Any feedback I'm sure would be highly appreciated! :mrgreen:

The eGroupCard Home link...