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View Full Version : ST Invoice Released: Advanced invoicing and more 10% off

11-05-2005, 06:39 AM

We are very excited about our newest product, ST Invoice. We have put a lot of hard work and heart into ST Invoice and are proud of the completed version.

ST Invoice is a complete invoicing solution, which combines the mobility and flexibility of the Pocket PC with the power and accessibility of the internet. ST Invoice allows users to create invoices and estimates in multiple environments, from the convenience of their office to the doorstep of their customers. The mobile user can service their clients on the spot, generating invoices with ease, even allowing on-site credit card processing. The system will automatically generate a web page for your clients to track their invoices, estimates, and payment history, as well as pay invoices online. You can even set up recurring billing for repeat customers, so if you are a service oriented business, you can create a billing structure for your clients on-site and the system will automatically process their card on a pre-set timeline. The office user can create estimates and invoices for their clients quickly and easily. Create a contact and send out an invoicing in minutes. Your clients will receive the invoice and instructions on how to pay automatically, without any extra work on your part. When they pay, the website will send out a pre-formatted thank you note that you can customize with an in-browser text editor. And this is just the beginning of what our software can do.

There are many wonderful features we have incorporated into ST Invoice to help solve the problems we all face in the business world. We hope you enjoy trying out our software. If you have any questions about ST Invoice or our company, please feel free to let me know.

To celebrate our release, we are offering a 10% off discount code to be used at our web site when purchasing the software. The promo code is 'ReleasePromo'.

Please visit http://www.PocketPcInvoice.com to download a demo or purchase the software.