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View Full Version : BeetzStream SmartRss for PPC gets Today Screen Support!

10-17-2005, 03:59 PM
BeetzStream SmartRss for PPC (http://www.beetzstream.com/Portal/Default.aspx?tabid=64) gets Today Screen support! The Today Screen items shows the number of new articles in your subscription and rotates the new article titles.

BeetzStream SmartRss for Smartphone (http://www.beetzstream.com/Portal/Default.aspx?tabid=57) is also updated along with the PPC version. Now you can set the number of retries before failing a podcast download on both platforms.

BeetzStream SmartRss is a Rss reader and Podcast manager, available on both Pocket PC and MS Mobile SmartPhone platforms. Please visit BeetzStream (http://www.beetzstream.com) for details.

SmartRss for PPC:

SmartRss for Smartphone: