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View Full Version : PocketMoney 2.0 For Pocket PC *Public BETA* Announcement

12-07-2003, 06:31 AM
Greetings! 8)

We are currently looking for BETA testers to help test the latest release of Catamount Software's PocketMoney 2.0 for Pocket PC. For those who may not know, this is one of the original financial applications for the Pocket PC and it now contains over 12 new major features and enhancements to be released simultaneously under 10 different languages!

Some *NEW* features include:

- Repeating Transactions
- Filters
- Custom Currencies
- Running Balances
- New Menu and Today Screen support
- Enhanced UI
- plus much much more!

If you are interested in testing or want to know more about this release, please visit:


It contains all the information you will need to get involved in testing as well as steps necessary to help translate this application into other foreign languages. Yep, we're also looking for help in completing some translations. If you know more than one language, please consider helping. Visit the page listed above for all the information and the benefits for doing so!

Well, that's it ... We look forward to seeing you sign up,

- Tom