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View Full Version : ANN:' Serrabona Category Explorer II - Version 2.0 Released

Paul Kay
11-11-2003, 01:09 PM
http://www.handango.com/pictures/421939/serrabonalogo48.gif Serrabona Category Explorer II - All New Version 2.0



- Monitors storage card insertion and removal.
- Starts an individualised Category Explorer automatically on card insertion.
- Provides single button access to Categorised Device and Storage Card content.
- Category Explorer Access Buttons are relocatable to expose underlying Today Screen Items.
- Handles up to 4 inserted storage cards simultaneously.
- Installs to your Pocket PC Device and all of your storage cards individually.
- Allows for a different Category configuration of each storage card.
- Displays file content based on File Type Categories.
- Pre-Defined or User-Defined Categories.
- Can be configured to start up displaying the files in your favourite Category for instant access.
- Packed with configurable Settings and Options.
- Comprehensive Search Facility.
- Full featured File Explorer included.
- Free Lifetime Upgrades!
- Developed using the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework.
- Supports all Pocket PC 2002 devices.
- Supports all Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC devices.

Available from Handango (http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?siteId=1&jid=E12B76BC32FA42CFF4E6X8EXE3D74E3F&platformId=2&productType=2&catalog=0&sectionId=0&productId=86283) and Pocketgear (http://www.pocketgear.com/software_detail.asp?id=11080)

Paul Kay
Serrabona Limited