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View Full Version : Bluetooth GPS "Shoot-out" Online

06-21-2003, 11:23 AM

I've recently put together a massive and first of a kind GPS "Shootout" of the currently available Bluetooth GPS reveivers.
- Emtac/Socket
- Fortuna GPSmart
- Globalsat BT-308
- TomTom Wireless GPS.

Full comparison here:

Conclusion is here so that you don't "have" to follow the link ;-)

"So after what I think is a pretty complete and unique GPS comparison, time has come to highlight the main findings of this "shoot-out":

The Emtac/Socket, which had the disadvantage of being the first one out of the gate in late 2002, still apprears as the most "consistent" Bluetooth GPS receiver, offering both excellent GPS (sensitivity)and Bluetooth (range), a potential for more advanced usage and customization (SBAS, Trickle), in a small and light package.

The Fortuna GPSmart is unique since it's the only GPS reviewed here to allow for standalone use, with its 64x128 screen and a durable power source with its 3 AAA batteries.

The Globalsat is the autonomy king on a single charge, but has a limited Bluetooth range, something that won't be a problem for most situations. The TomTom Wireless GPS goes for a "consumer approach" with an excellent design, a slew of accessories and clever power management. Unfortunately it offers little room for expansion and customization and GPS performance is not quite that of its competitors, even if again, that will not be a problem in most situations.

So that's about it, hopefully you now have a good idea of the current offering in the Bluetooth GPS world!"

06-21-2003, 06:16 PM
Thanks gpspassion.

Your site has been very helpful. After reading all the reviews and looking through all the forums, I got the Fortuna GPSmart receiver and Mapopolis. I've been really happy with my choice, although of course I have a wish list for future releases of Mapopolis.

Do you know if anyone has tested Mapopolis with PPC 2003? I emailed them and they said they hadn't done any testing yet.

06-22-2003, 02:34 PM
No for PPC2003. Although the Microsoft guys in Europe said it was 99% compatible, I'm concerned that the 1% might be pretty large from some posts I"ve read about the 2215...As soon as I have PPC2003 I'll run my own tests on GpsPasSion.