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View Full Version : H5450 Wireless and Bluetooth ActiveSync Conflict - Pinging the wrong IP Address

05-16-2003, 02:40 PM
Here's a weird issue for you fellas....
I am able to sync just fine using Wifi without any problems when my BT card is not plugged into my laptop.
I am able to sync just fine using BT.
when my wifi and BT cards are both plugged in, my WiFi sync does not work. I ping'd "My Computer Name" and found out that it is looking for the IP Address that corresponds to my Laptop's Bluetooth LAN Access IP Address, as opossed to my Laptop's WLAN IP Address.

So, I disable my BT Network Access Service on my Laptop and everything works fine, however I would like to be able to use my BT Network Access Service (Of course... not been able to get that one to work yet!).

Any thoughts? I'd appreciate the help. :roll: