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View Full Version : Plz Help-welcome recommendations on wireless connection.

04-11-2003, 01:44 AM
Hi there, I'm a novice in this mobile/wireless world. :?
I have a laptop and I want to know whether anyone can tell me the in-and-out to the wireless internet access? I've been told that I needed to purchase a WiFi enabled pc-card or alternatively bluetooth. Can anyone tell me what the difference is? or point me in the way I can get info. regarding this matter?

Also, is there any recommendations into the pc-card/bluetooth I should buy to access the internet on my laptop??

many thanks


04-11-2003, 02:49 AM
Kenny it's kind of hard based on what you posted to know just what you want to do and where. Do you have any wireless equipment that you are using now? or that you want to use in the future? Is your laptop connected to the internet now? or is that what you want to do. If it is connected now, how is it connected?

David 0X

04-11-2003, 05:08 PM
Hi David,

Thanks for showing an interest in helping :D . I’m sorry that my first post is a bit vague… I have a Dell Inspiron laptop. In terms of what it has-it has an integrated 10/100 network card and no wireless option (I’m in London, U.K.). My laptop is not currently connected to the internet in anyway..The main reason for this post is that I’m not sure where to start in looking for the suitable equipment to connect to the internet. I read posts from this forum and heard guys talking about getting wireless pc-cards and bluetooth etc.. Being an absolute novice in wireless technology, I was wondering just where and maybe, what kind of equipment should I pursue!! Any recommendations on any good wireless equipment that allows me to surf the internet?

I’ll really appreciate if you can enlighten me on this subject!!

Many thanks.. :mrgreen:


04-11-2003, 07:07 PM
Well, how do you normally connect to the internet in your house on your desktop PC? That's a good place to start :)

04-11-2003, 11:20 PM
In answer to PetiteFlower's question, my home pc is connected to the internet via my modem and a fone cable. What I want to understand is the wireless option for computers (mainly laptop). I'm sorry is I didn't make my query clear.


04-11-2003, 11:59 PM
Your query was clear, but I don't think you're clear on what's required to get a wirless connection :) A wireless card installed in a laptop has to connect TO something. You can't just get a wifi or bluetooth card and have them magically deliver the internet to your laptop, the cards are basically just wire replacements; they are bridges that connect the computer to the internet provider, just like the phone cord that goes from your modem into the phone jack now. Make sense?

If you're looking to connect at home, you could get a wifi router, plug that into your modem, and get a wifi card for your laptop to connect to the router and share your PC's internet connection. At least I THINK that's what you can do, it might work differently with a dialup modem then it does with a broadband connection.

If you're looking to connect when you're away from home, then you'd either need to get a wifi card and connect it to public access points(for a fee) like at Starbucks, or get some kind of mobile data connection. Your choices on that are a cell phone with data capabilites, or a cellular data card like the ones offered by Sprint(very expensive!). For the cell phone, you could get a bluetooth capable phone and a bluetooth card for your laptop and connect them that way, or you could get a cable to connect your phone and your laptop; the cell phone can act as a modem dialing your regular ISP(very slow and uses your voice minutes) or it can be the internet provider itself(faster, but fewer choices of phones and providers).

There's more to each option but let us know which one sounds good to you and we can elaborate more :)

04-12-2003, 12:45 AM
Thanks PetiteFlower, I’m sorry for the complication…when it comes to computers, I’m a total beginner :? !!
In reflect to your post, I’m mainly looking to connect when I’m away from home (as I predominately use the desktop when I’m at home!). I require some sort of equipment that allows me to connect to the internet to check emails and maybe browse a few websites while I’m away from home.

I have a nokia 6310i which I’m told has GPRS and bluetooth. Can you tell me how mobile data connection compares with the wifi card option (especially the faster option). Also if I was to purchase the wifi card, are there any recommendations of any particular good ones?! Would this wifi card allow me to connect with my mobile or do I have to get a seperate bluetooth card?

Many thanks for your replies. Much appreciated!! :D