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View Full Version : New Zune Owner

12-12-2006, 10:50 PM
Hello All!!!!!

Proud new owner of a White Zune and first time Poster here.
After extensive research on what kinda of MP3 player to buy (and did not include the Ipods as a choice) I decided to go with the Zune.

I was a member , well I guess I am for the epizenter.net forum because my original intentions were to get a Creative Zen M , which in my mind is one of the better DAP out there, however, I didn't like the fact that it easily scratches and is fingerprint prone and I know those things should not be a big factor but I like my electronic gadgets in immaculate condition.

Anyway, I did purchase the Zune and also the leather case by I think JLO?
Fits good in it and doesn't seem to affect the player in anyway and does offer a good grip and belt clip.

After 6 days here is my judgment:

1) excellent Screen --excellent resolution - doesn't seem to scratch at all
2) viewing pictures is very nice and the slide show feature is great
3) solid construction - very hard to scratch (white in my opinion is the best as its harder to tell if in case the scratches will appear)
4) sound quality is excellent and I had hooked it up to my Denon amp and man did it sound good!
5) Packaging is one of the best
6) Software is not that hard as many think that it may be but then again it will depend on your experience with different applications. I was able update my library and cut and past the album art for those hard to find ones. That was very easy.

1) Software installation may take a bit but it will depend on your computer. Those with 1 GB of Ram and intel 4 or Duo shouldn't have a problem.
2) headphones are Ok for immediate listening but I have some sony 710LP and what a difference.

not that many cons that I can detect for the time being....

Other notes:

Before getting the JLO leather case i did try the silicon but although it has a good feeling to it and grip, it seems that it doesn't have you the freedom to use the middle dial button fully as it tends to cover the edges. thats why I took that back.