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View Full Version : screen rotation,access and remote control

11-02-2003, 10:19 AM
We hope you are enjoying dotPocket utility from Aurorisoft.
Aurorisoft has recently released dotPocket version 3.0!!!

The new features include support for WinCE2003, support for Dell Axim, plus an array of new drivers to support other Pocket PCs manufacturers.

DotPocket version 3.0 has custom screen resolution, switching between landscape and portrait orientation, video mode easy switching, zooming and panning, intuitive one button zoom control, and hardware mapping button for easy application access and control. User-friendly interface and advanced video mode - everything you need to control your Pocket PC using your desktop computer.

Also available from Aurorisoft a new utility to remotely control, diagnose, and fix your Pocket PC.

Mobile View version 2.0 allows you to fix any Pocket PC problems you might encounter. Let professionals take a look at your Pocket PC over the Internet or GPRS, and suggest the most appropriate course of action, be that installation of a new product/program, upgrade of existing software, or fixing an error on your Pocket PC. You can watch in real-time as technical support specialists fix your Pocket PC. Live chat option available.

Mobile View features intuitive user and administrative console, three-level end-to-end security, compatibility with existing software, unlimited upgrades, and Advanced Window Client.
Additional features include:
Seamless Integration
No Device or Protocol Programming
Over-the-Air Provisioning
Disparate Network Support
Full Mobile Device Use
Content Support

Download the 30 days evaluation version of Mobile View and dotPocket from http://www.dotpocket.com http://www.mobile-view.com

PS. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on dotPocket utility, if you have any comments or suggestions, or something you as a user would like to see in the next version of dotPocket. Do you wish to receive additional software programs from our team at Aurorisoft?

Robert Levy
11-02-2003, 05:27 PM
This would be more appropriate over at Pocket PC Thoughts.