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View Full Version : Web Site Launch: MPx200.org

Sean Murphy
10-28-2003, 08:06 PM
I would welcome you to take a look at my new web site, http://www.mpx200.org A site dedicated to SmartPhones and focusing on the Motorola MPx200. This is a new site launching today but I hope to see the site grow in user ship as these wonderful phones start to become mainstream.

The site features SmartPhone news, reviews (user generated and web links), forums, downloads and links to web sites of interest to SmartPhone users. The site is very interactive for itís users and allows for registered members to post comments on the news of the day, submit links, reviews, and join in discussion in the forum area.

Please come and take a look and if you think the site has potential, join us and visit often for updates and discussion. I welcome comments and feedback at feedback@mpx200.org and will use this information to make the site mold into what the SmartPhone community is looking for.

Sean Murphy