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View Full Version : Orange To Distribute Messenger Fix Next Month.

David McNamee
10-18-2003, 03:13 AM
The following is quoted from Orange's SPV page (http://web.orange.co.uk/yourphone/e100/?manufacturer=Orange&menu=yourorange.yourphone.e100&rd=1):

"In an effort to ensure the latest security and privacy protections, Microsoft recently updated its .NET Messenger Service, requiring Orange customers who wish to access MSN Messenger through their SPV or SPV E100 to install new software on their phones. Without installing a new software patch, the MSN Messenger programme in the SPV and SPV E100 will not work. We, together with Microsoft, are very sorry for the resulting service disruption.

Orange have taken all steps to minimise any impact to customers and are committed to delivering innovative communications capabilities. We plan to distribute the software fix for this in mid-November 2003. Please note that this update to the .NET Messenger Service will not affect Orange customers with an SPV E200 or Motorola MPX200."

It's a crying shame that things couldn't have been timed better so that folks wouldn't have to be without Messenger for at least a month. I'm glad, though, to see Orange make a public statement about the fix, rather than letting us wonder.