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View Full Version : Windows Media splutter, hop, skip and a jump.....

07-31-2003, 07:02 PM
does anyone else find that Windows Media player on SmartPhone 2002 has trouble when using other apps on the phone - say playing MP3s in the background and using IE - from time to time the song might skip or have problems

having it running on it's own is grand so walking about it's perfect (apart from not being graceful when receiving a phone call - would be nice if it would pause and unpause automatically if a call interrupts :()

tried task managers to make sure only WMP and the other app are running, MP3s aren't massive (little 96kbps ones!)

just seems like WMP is a memory hog on the SmartPhone and wants all it can eat - trying to run anything else at the same time can freak it out :(

are there any other music players for the Smartphone OS?


07-31-2003, 10:19 PM
I use PocketMVP. It's adequate.