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View Full Version : Potential for Greatness

Robert Levy
07-08-2003, 05:39 PM
The first time I saw a Smartphone was at the Pocket PC Summit a few years ago. I knew right away that this would be a big thing and that I needed to hop on board. I learned as much as I could about the new platform as details were released and started answering lots of questions in the Smartphone newsgroups. In February, somebody at Microsoft noticed and sent over a Tanager so I could contribute even more. A week later, I met Jason at the MVP Summit in Redmond and he asked me to be a part of the Smartphone Thoughts team. I was thrilled then and Iím even more excited now that weíre finally ready to go!What attracts me most to the Smartphone platform is its potential. Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into enabling manufacturers, carriers, software developers, and end users to go forth and do great things with this platform. Of course, all is not perfect and there is a lot to improve uponÖ but the potential for greatness is undeniable.So thatís why Iím here at Smartphone Thoughts. I look forward to spreading the word about innovative things people are doing and posting an occasional Thoughts-style rant about how things could be better.

David McNamee
07-08-2003, 06:13 PM
I've lurked in the Smartphone newsgroups for a while now, and I'm subscribed to your blog. Having read you in those forums, I think you're going to do just fine here, Robert!

And you're right, the potential for the Smartphone platform is huge. That's why I jumped at the chance to get the developer kit, and am pushing mobile devices as part of solutions whenever I can in my company. I just wrapped up a mobile solution project and am itching to get on another. It'd be great if I could include Pocket PC and Smartphone into the same solution!!

People like being able to extend software solutions beyond the PC and into areas where having a PC - or even a notebook or Tablet PC - just isn't feasible. Smartphone is going to be a big part of allowing just that.

Robert Levy
07-08-2003, 07:08 PM
Thanks for the encouragement :D Jason and his team at PPCT haven't exactly set a low bar

07-08-2003, 07:35 PM
The Smartphone is defiinitely a big thing...

Now only if it can be several things as the need arises...

1. As a stand alone unit... Well, it shows promising direction.

2. As a companion to a Pocket PC or a Tablet PC??? Well, it needs some work still...

It has to be a good modem for fax and data to be a good companion device... Will this ever happen? Hopefully.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo