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Old 08-11-2010, 11:00 PM
Jon Westfall
Executive Editor, Android Thoughts
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Default WP7 on HD2 a Bit Harder Than Thought

"So, how different is CE7/WP7 from that model? (Which is the model we have now in CE5.x/WM6.x) - The mARM AMSS provides a different interface and initialization proceedure. That means any of the WP7 drivers from a donor device we might port from would not work at all with our current AMSS. Which in turn means no boot without re-writing the drivers/kernel or AMSS. So to compare it to a desktop PC once again, we need to write a BIOS, a Hardware Abstraction Layer, and a set of drivers for each component on the system (likely a good deal of the drivers would be usable once the rest is done) Do I sound jaded yet? Yes, yes I am It's probably a factor of 10 more complicated than I thought it would be initially."

Remember when I said half-baked WP7 on an HD2 was a bad idea? Well those who are attempting to port WP7 over are finding it a bit tougher than they initially thought to even get it on the device, aside from the performance concerns I raised. Also putting aside the legality (which isn't vague - the HD2 isn't licensed for WP7, so you'll find no one arguing that the device should have WP7 running on it), I think this is further evidence that WP7 marks a radical shift in Windows Mobile development, away from what we've had in the past. It's no wonder that no existing device got an upgrade, despite the pleas of the users!

Dr. Jon Westfall, MCSE, MS-MVP
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Old 08-12-2010, 02:55 AM
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The same was thought about porting Android to HD2.......... Guess what? They did it.

Anyway enjoy your WP7 device where even the phone lock switch is crippled compared to WM 6.5.................. :-)
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