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Old 01-07-2009, 07:30 AM
Jon Westfall
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Default Alarm Master Sleys Elusive Enemy ForgetAllAboutis!

"Alarm Master is a convenient and powerful utility that helps managing personal alarms and reminder on your Windows Mobile Classic/Professional device. If you need a reminder solution for a variety of purposes from daily alarm-clock to parents' calls and monthly bills, this flexible tool is an ideal solution for you."

So indulge me for a moment and pretend there is a mythical monster named ForgetAllAboutis, and further suppose that he/she/it likes to make you forget about various things you should do (e.g. call people you don't particularly like, clean out pesky facebook friend requests from ex-girlfriends, or in my case, pay your quarterly taxes). Now imagine that some wonderful program existed that kept alarms apart from Windows Mobile's calendar, included a today-screen plugin, and generally was customizable as one could wish. Now further believe that it has a trial version available and the full thing costs about 2 1/2 fancy coffees (e.g. around $13). If your (my) dream became reality, you'd have this new release from Connective Tools.

Dr. Jon Westfall, MCSE, MS-MVP
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Old 01-08-2009, 03:37 AM
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Perfect timing
Been looking for an alarm to replace the sorry one that is on my ATT Fuze. It is OK for appointment reminders but I want an alarm clock to get up to in the morning. The built in one is horrible for that purpose. Give me big buttons for turning off the alarm or snoozing. Don't make me use the stylus at oh dark thirty.
I downloaded a trial of Fizz Software's Fizz Alarms the other day to try out. Was OK, but didn't feel compelled to purchase it. Didn't like the fact that it was always in 24 hour format, could not find a way to select 12 hour AM/PM format.
I downloaded Alarm Master and played around with it today and like the customization of it much better than Fizz Alarms. I like it enough to buy it. A quick note, it is not intuitive, but it is possible to get the alarm to sound even if the phone is set to silent (which I set mine to when I go to sleep). You just have to select the "sound" tab related to the alarm you are editing and select a number (1-5) for Alarm volume. If you leave Alarm Volume set to "System Volume" (which is the default value) and you have the phone in silent mode, the alarm will not be audible.

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