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Old 09-17-2008, 04:30 AM
Adam Krebs
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Default GotZune Reviews the iHome Zn9 Alarm Clock/Audio System


"The most important feature of course with this product is the alarm feature. The ZN9 features two separate alarms, each of which can be programmed for 7, 5, or 2 days a week. You can also set your ZN9 alarms to wake you up to either the radio, a built in buzzer, or the zune itself. For setting the zune to function, you are required to have your zune set to the song you want. When the alarm starts up in the morning it will initiate the "play" function of the zune and the song begins. There is also a nice and gradual about 10-15 second increase as the music begins to play. If your zune happens to not be correctly set for this to take place, or the zune is not even docked, the ZN9 recognizes this and resorts to the buzzer alarm. Snooze time can also be set to the range of 1 to 29 minutes. The alarms are quite easy to use, simple to disable/enable, and incase of a power failure will still go off(in buzzer form) due to the backup battery's in the device."

GotZune has a great write-up on the iHome Zn9 Clock Radio/Audio System, which should be perfect for anyone in the market for an alarm clock they can use with their Zune. If you've ever wanted to wake up (or fall asleep) to your favorite playlists, check out the article and sound off there. The Zn9 doubles as a a speaker dock and charge station, and is useful if you want to wirelessly sync your Zune to your PC. Plus, if you're like Mr. Soccerfreak24 and hate auto sync, you can even it off from your device (well, technically you didn't need a dock to do that, but it's nice to have the excuse.)

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