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Old 09-18-2002, 04:26 PM
Jason Dunn
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Default Law Enforcement Puts Handhelds to Work on the Road

<a href=""></a><br /><br />Every so often, Syware releases these great real-life stories of Pocket PCs and custom applications. If you're looking for a good deployment example, they make for great reading.<br /><br />"If you're a habitual speed demon on the road, this may not be the best news you've heard. Law enforcement officials, on the other hand, are happy as they can now write traffic citations more efficiently - and safely - using a new handheld application that replaces the traditional pad of tickets. The solution minimizes manual data entry by reading bar code or magnetic stripe data on drivers' licenses, as well as through extensive use of drop-down lists on handheld forms. The handheld units help protect the officer during a traffic stop by eliminating the risk of being pinned in the cruiser. For example, the officer can write a citation while standing behind his passenger door with the violator in his line of sight."<br /><br />"Data captured can also be put to immediate use. Citation records are loaded into a central database the same day, eliminating time-consuming data entry of paper tickets. Police departments can analyze traffic violations, accidents, and criminal activity based on current data, rather than relying on statistics that are often months old. <br /><br />Called Crossroads Handheld Citation, the application was created by Crossroads Software (<a href=""></a>), a Brea, California developer of database solutions for motor vehicle and law enforcement records. The application has already been purchased by the Washoe County Sheriff's Department in Nevada, which is testing the system in preparation for full deployment. Pilots also are underway or planned at a number of law enforcement agencies including the Las Vegas Police Department, the Nevada Highway Patrol, and the Nevada Office of Traffic & Safety."
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Old 01-24-2007, 02:29 PM
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:roll: So from now we need to be more attentive as a driver. Otherwis we may stay in memory of our issue only with bad side.
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