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Old 11-24-2006, 12:00 PM
Darius Wey
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Default Mobile Power Options from Pocket PC Techs


"If there’s one thing that every Windows Mobile device owner wishes they could forget about its battery life. It doesn’t matter if you use your device for productivity, gaming, music, video, or email – everything takes power. Who wants to think about recharging their devices? There’s nothing exciting about that – the fun comes in using them! Sadly, battery life still isn’t at the point where a single charge will last weeks, so until that happens we need to have strategies in place for getting as much use out of our Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs as possible. If you’re the kind of user who recharges daily from home or work, you may not have to think about battery life much – even a heavily used Pocket PC or Smartphone should last a full day. If you do any traveling though, or don’t recharge your device every day, there are some power accessories that will make your battery life last a lot longer. There are many companies making accessories like the ones I mention in this article, but I’ve selected Pocket PC Techs accessories to look at for two reasons: they’re very high quality, and they just happen to have sent a few of them my way."

Pocket PC Techs' mobile power options may not be designed for the Zune, but most of them are perfectly compatible, since they utilize USB. So, whether you're at home, on the road, or in the air, you'll find an accessory or two to keep your Zune going. Visit The Two Inch View to see what Pocket PC Techs has to offer.
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