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Old 01-16-2008, 05:00 AM
David Tucker
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Default Choosing Sides


Just because I can indulge myself and I find the exchange extremely amusing (I need to get out more) I am going to add one more thought to the discourse between Anything But iPod and Zune Thoughts. Grahm over at abi writes: "If we are keeping it simple and features out that only leaves Bluetooth headphone support. The problem is IEMs are becoming more and more popular being that they are excellent in sound quality and isolation. You cannot build wireless IEMs, Etymotic tried but they suck and they still have a wire. Sennheiser’s new high end wireless phones don’t even use Bluetooth. So my point is Bluetooth as a means to transport audio to headphones is not a good solution and Bluetooth being used in any other way is a feature to clutter the Zune."

Now Grahm makes a good point in there about there being no real good application for Bluetooth other than wireless transmit of audio. While wireless IEMs have been a flop so far I still believe that a Bluetooth headset is still a viable technology. Its hard to see a reason why many companies would have put much effort into developing high quality BT headphones when there's no market for them! And just making the headset wouldn't really create that market. Honestly I think the iPhone may offer the best chance of seeing quality headsets produced since there are a lot of people who would be obviously be willing to spend a lot of money.

And sorry Grahm, since we just can't see eye to eye on the issue, I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep my allegiance to my Canadian leader!

Oh, and one last thing. Make sure to head on over to abi. They're definitely cool!

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