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Old 08-31-2007, 03:00 PM
Jason Dunn
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Default The QuadCharge Universal Charging Station from Gomadic

As soon as I saw a picture of Gomadic's QuadCharge Universal Charging Station posted on their blog, I shot them off an email and said "Guys, I have to check that out!". I've always got at least a few devices that need charging, and I dislike having bulky power adaptors kicking around. I've tended to use my Zune USB AC adaptor (the one from the Home A/V Kit [Affiliate]) with a PPC Techs miniUSB cable. It worked, but it was never very elegant or organized. Here's what things have looked like over the past few months:

[click image for the bigger view]


After tearing out all my cables and setting up my devices with the Gomadic QuadCharge, here's what I ended up with:

[click image for the bigger view]

Now that's what I call a big improvement! From left to right I have a GPS charging using miniUSB, my Zune charging using the Zune tip, and the HTC Touch and T-Mobile Dash charging using miniUSB tips. Unfortunately they don't make a tip for my wife's iPod 2G Shuffle, so I have to keep the iPod cradle around, along with the Zune USB AC adaptor. When I asked why Gomadic didn't make a Shuffle tip, they told me it was because they were afraid people would damage their iPod by jamming the wrong end into the iPod headphone jack. The connector for the Gomadic tips is a 3.5mm head that looks exactly like a headphone jack, so I think they have a point - though I'm sure there's some creative way around this.

As expected, once I connected the single AC adaptor from the QuadCharge to my power strip, then connected all the devices, they all began to recharge. There's not much to this product - it just works, but it allows me to be more organized. The QuadCharge station itself sells for $49.95 USD, and you can expect to spend another $24 or so buying four tips - so about $75 will get you the whole thing. That's quite reasonable in my opinion - especially because if you want to recharge a new device all it takes is a $5.95 tip.

About the only way I'd improve this product would be to have a pull-out container for keeping extra tips in. You wouldn't need this if you only had four items, but Gomadic sent me a tip for my Zen Vision:M and another generic charging tip, but I have no place to keep them in relation to the charging station. Other than that, I'm thrilled with this product and would recommend it highly to anyone.

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