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Old 06-15-2007, 11:09 AM
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Default Gaming / emulator news as of 06/15/2007

It was some 20 days ago that I published my last installment of Gaming news. Letís see what happened in the meantime and what should you immediately go purchase before the rebate is over.

First, three EXCELLENT games (two of them even having a MS Smartphone version!) for half the price today. Go get them Ė they are ALL highly recommended.
  1. Orions: Legend of Wizards, by far the best turn-based strategy game ever released for Windows Mobile (see my Strategy Guide HERE), is available HERE for $9.98 (unfortunately, there's no MS Smartphone version of the game)
  2. SkyForce Duo PPC (SkyForce and SkyForce Reloaded combined) is available HERE (for the MS Smartphone, HERE) for $12.00 only

In addition, an important remark for gaming fans: Should you ever need more games for your Pocket PC (let alone MS Smartphone), emulation is a GREAT way of playing. Donít forget to check out my gaming console / home computer emulator reviews Ė Iíve published several of them in the last few days!

Now, for the regular news.

Emulator news, new releases:
  1. A new, 0.25 version of SmartGear, one of the best, fastest and, what is even better, MS Smartphone-compatible emulators has been released. It fixes the VGA issues Iíve mentioned in the review of the previous, 0.24 version.
  2. Masterall, developer of several EXCELLENT emulators (also supporting MS Smartphone) has also released some interesting stuff:
  • FinalBurn 0.10, THE CPS 1/2 and NeoGeo emulator for WM, was released the day before yesterday
  • the first version of GBACE, a brand new GBA emulator
Games news:Remarkable, must-read reviews (in addition to the above-linked ones):

Pocket Heroes, the great, new strategy game:

Additional MS Smartphone news

QVGA (high-res) Smartphone users will especially like the article Ever wanted to know how you can use low-res (176*220) titles on your hi-res (240*320) QVGA Smartphone?. Finally, again, don't forget to read my MS Smartphone-related remarks in my new emulator-related articles - there are SEVERAL really nice emulators (for example, those of Masterall, SmartGear and PocketHobbitSP2003) worth giving a try! They run great even on low-end, 176*220 Smartphones!
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