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Old 01-26-2012, 12:00 AM
Hooch Tan
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Default The Best Way to Keep Your Toys Juiced

"If you have kids, you probably know this already, but lots of stuff needs batteries. Remote control toys, Wii remotes, laser pointers (well, that is for me), flash lights, even Nerf guns. For me, I have found the best place to pick up batteries is at one of these “dollar” stores. Sure the batteries are cheaper, but are they any good? Who knows. Let’s find out."

Like any person that likes electronics, I tend to go through a lot of batteries.  From remote controls, to cordless mice and keyboards to cameras.  While many of these toys use rechargeable batteries, some even custom ones, I find myself using a steady supply of AA and AAA batteries.  Yes, I know there are rechargeable batteries in those sizes like Eneloops and even regular NiMH, but they involve a high upfront cost, something that is not always feasible.  For those of us who still find use for disposable batteries, Wired has a good review.  An update has been added noting that the store-branded batteries tested were of the "heavy duty" type and not alkalines that the premium brands sell.  If you buy disposable batteries, be aware of this.  Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty batteries are not the same as Alkalines, and will always offer less power.  While they may suit for very light use, like remote controls, if the device is something that needs more power, like a flashlight, or a smoke detector, you will want something with some degree of staying power.

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