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Old 03-11-2011, 02:00 PM
Steven McPherson
Contributing Editor-in-Training
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Default Its Official: "NoDo" Targeted for "Latter Half of March"

According to an update in his blog this afternoon from Eric Hautala, Microsoft's GM for Customer Experience Engineering the "Nodo" update that will include copy and paste is expected to be available in the later half of March. Mr. Hautala pointed out that "it's important that we learn all we can from the February update".  He also indicated that the update had been successful for the overwhelming majority but some did encounter issues and for that Microsoft would like to take some extra time to learn how to deliver the update more effectively and reduce risk of issues popping up.

I for one, think Microsoft is making the right choice here. I'd rather wait and have a great experience with the new update than for there to be issues. There is far too much at risk for Microsoft to push out an update that hasn't been thoroughly and completed tested, especially after this first push of code that didn't make any noticeable changes to the phone. A failed "NoDo" update would be a huge setback to Microsoft's push for strong position in the mobile marketplace.


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Old 03-11-2011, 05:22 PM
Sven Johannsen
Editorial Contributor
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Thought I'd tack some points onto this to consolidate some information.

1) Windows Phones have two attributes, Type and Brand (my designations). The Type is like HTC HD7, Samsung Focus, etc. The Brand is like AT&T, Rogers, Verizon (soon), O2, etc. The Brand is usually etched on the front of the device. The brand can be Null, i.e no branding. Each device knows what it is, Rogers Focus, AT&T Surround, etc. These make distinct categories, a Rogers Focus is different than an AT&T Focus and that doesn't change. Doesn't matter if you put a T-Mobile SIM in your AT&T Focus, it is still an AT&T Focus.

2) Each device talks to the MS Update server, over whatever network connection it has when it periodically asks about an update. That can be over the cell network, Wifi at home or a coffe shop, or over your isp connection while hooked up to Zune on your PC. Doesn't matter what SIM or if there is a SIM in the device, as long as there is accress to the MS update server.

3) MS creates an update for each category and provides that to each brander, to test, bless, color, whatever. AT&T gets versions for each of their Types, and can treat them independently.

4) At this point MS is one of two votes in determining update availability. The other is of course the brander. Once the Brander and MS have said OK on a category, Type and Brand, The MS update Server will respond in the affermative when a device asks if there is an update. At that time instructions will be provided to the user. Note that AT&T (example because they have multiple devices), can hold all, or just one of their devices. Note too that a Rogers Focus is different than an AT&T Focus. If you happen to have a T-Mobile SIM in your AT&T LG Quantum, it is still AT&T, and MS, that control your update availability.

5) Once the update is made available to you, you hook up to the PC via USB (at least in this case) and the device gets the update directly from the MS Update Server. At this point nothing to do with the carrier. Maybe at some point an update may happen over cell data or WiFi, but still device to MSUS, not the carrier, brander, OEM, etc.

Hope that makes the technicalities of the process clearer. I talked with some friends at MS and this pretty much captures it. The assumption would be who ever Branded the device is probably who sold, and is supporting it. Gotta make some assumptions. The carrier is largely going to get the brunt of the support calls if something goes wrong with an update. That's an expensive situation, and carriers like to avoid it. Testing updates is also an expense.

Looking at this from a carrier point of view, I don't think I really have any reason to not want to do updates at this point. I would think it would just put people off of buying devices on my network. Those that already have the device are probably locked in for a while. If I want to minimize my cost/risk, maybe I let another carrier with the same device go first, rather than spend the money testing. Maybe they are thinking the same. Just my guess.
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Old 03-11-2011, 06:12 PM
Join Date: Jul 2003
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Your post makes sense indeed; I have two HD7: a T-Mobile one ("Branded" or "Crippled" as I prefer to categorize them) and one "Factory SIM free" or "unbranded".The unbranded one install the pre-update as soon as I connected it, the T-Mobile one did not.

My personal feeling is that the possibility of issues is way over hypered in the US because the market is locked don by the carriers, they like the status quo and use this argument to delay or even to not release at all updates.

I hope that MS will be able to speed up the process and release frequent updates without delays; IMO this is something vital for the success of WP7.
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Old 03-11-2011, 08:45 PM
Don Tolson
Thoughts Media Review Team
Join Date: Aug 2006
Posts: 749

OK, so that means I can blame AT&T for my LG Quantum not getting the 'mini-update' released weeks ago...

Let's hope that the discussion/rumours/etc. around carriers cannot refuse/stall the NoDo update are true.
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Old 03-11-2011, 11:05 PM
virain's Avatar
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Oh, boy! What will happen when Nokia, Asus, Sony Ericsson, other OEMs jump on WP7 wagon, and few other carriers will add WP Phones to their portfolios? Should we forget updates all together, if MS can't deal with only 4 headsets, and handful of carriers?
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