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Old 10-20-2011, 04:42 PM
Sven Johannsen
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Originally Posted by Don Tolson View Post
Hi Sven... I think you missed my point -- it's not that those of us who have actually picked and used the phone don't think it's simple and easy to use. It's that the MEDIA and the SALESPEOPLE have this perception that WP7 is geeky and not something regular people will want to use.
No, I got that. What I don't get is how that misconception got started (within media/salesforce), other than making judgments without ever picking up the product...assuming it is similar to previous MS offerings. In reality I don't think the old WM was any tougher to use, configure, etc, than today's Android and those ae selling like hotcakes. Personally I always thought PPC/WM was pretty easy to understand if you had ever used a Windows PC. (Start, programs, shortcuts, folders, files, control panel) Granted, not many folks had experience with one of those

Agree, it's a fault of marketing, education, but I'm sure there are high level discussions on who should do this. To me its obvious that MS should, because who else will? Motorola, Samsung, etc, and the carriers are busy plugging the hell out of Android. Apple of course pushes Apple, and gets support from carriers. Who is going to sing the praises of WP but MS? In a large part though they seem to be stuck with the same philosophy that they aren't selling this to consumers, OEMs and carriers are, so.....

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