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Old 05-24-2011, 04:52 PM
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Just to address some issues (as I have been using an HTC Surround since it was available):

"1. The phone has a search button on it, yet some hubs (people) also have a search button, this is just redundant and annoying"

Agreed. With a truly context sensitive search button on the phone it is just unnecessary to include one in the UI for an app.

"3. Text messages need to have a different color for me versus the recipient. Blue/dark blue"

Agreed as well. Although the indenting helps.

"4. The physical camera button is not needed, just give us a virtual one"

I think not. I use my camera button all the time as it wakes the phone up in camera mode with no other fiddling. I have a nephew with an iPhone who can't even get to his camera app before I've got the picture. And with a 4-year-old son, timing is everything.

"5. Once you get a lot of apps installed the scrolling is maddening"

AGREED. However, with the physics built into the scrolling function it's still quicker than searching through pages of apps on an iPhone.

"6. The physical windows phone button needs to be able to wake the phone up. This is just annoying with coming from iPhone, Android users may not take issue because they use the power button to wake the phone, iPhone does not."

Uh... No. Stop trying to make this an iPhone. This is WAY better than iPhone, and any attempt to make it more like that POS just kills it. That windows logo button is too easy to hit and is fairly sensitive, so I can guarantee that if it woke the phone you would be then screaming about battery life.

"7. Some of the hardware is just a bad layout, the HTC HD7 is a nice phone but the beveled edge that goes towards the screen makes it hard to press the buttons. The rounded edges of the LG-C900 is a better design. APple got this right."

I've had no problems with the buttons on my Surround. Of course, you can continue to let that iPhone slip through your fingers to crack it's dainty little screen on the floor. Just like every iPhone owner I know. I've only dropped my Surround a few times, and its screen doesn't even have a scratch.

"8. They need a communicator/messenger client ASAP"

Coming in Mango. It will tie together pretty much all your messenger needs.

"9. When forwarding or copying a text message I need to be able to select more that one item."

I never claimed to know everything... I'm just right about the things I know!
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