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Old 01-28-2011, 07:02 PM
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I would have to disagree that WP7 is a flop, or that they should just give up. I think they have time to gain steam, as noted in some outlets that reported from Redmond about product awareness, and 93% satisfactory of the product from consumers. Smartphone market is still exploding, and granted they did not address the issue early enough.

The interesting thing is Windows Mobile had everything, in my opinion, going for it. If they redesigned the memory management, kept the Metro UI, added Palm recognition for tablets w/ Windows Mobile 6.X OS for handwriting, opened up the multi touch, added in all live services, and really pushed the first party app development I think they would have overtaken the market.

The only think that makes WP7 a failure is the fact there has not been a single update. I really want a WP7 device but the lack of updates, and features missing is stopping me from upgrading. I currently use HTC Fuze, which i bought recently from ebay for thirty-seven bucks. To be honest it is the best smartphone I ever bought. I don't use the Live services like Zune and Xbox, so that is not the deal breaker for me. I will probably use those services if i upgrade.

They have a new and excellent foundation, but they need to work faster to push through updates (but granted they need the rigorous quality testing), and open up the robustness of all their services worldwide. The US has enjoyed great services they provide to their fullest and it shame that worldwide their services are severely crippled. I think it is early to tell whether if it is a flop. In regards to Windows Mobile, I think it will live forever in the developer community for power users. great and innovative ideas have spawned there and I think Windows Mobile has the robustness and capabilities.
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