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View Full Version : Email Sync and other little niggles

11-26-2003, 12:29 AM
Is it just me or is the SmartPhone 2002 email sync leave a lot to be desired? I have the option of AcvtiveSync OR pop access :( I keep getting asked to delete existing emails in my phones inbox every time I pop check and every time I ActiveSync with Outlook it disables my pop access!! Doesn't Pocket PC handle email and sync better than this - does it not have multiple inboxes or something?

any views on Pocket PC email sync v SmartPhone email sync?

I have SmartPhone 2002 SPV E100 - does anyone know if 2003 / E200 fixes any of the the following little niggles

Alarm - won't sound or turn the phone on if it phone switched off - no good for switching phone off and using as alarm to wake up! However it does kindly tell you when you turn the phone on at 9am that you should have been up at 6!!!

No shortcuts to menus - got scroll and click for miles to even set the alarm

Cant get an 'increasing ring' and ring and vibrate - surely the increasing ring setting should be part of the ring volume setting?

No indicator for missed call / sms when screen is off - have to keep coming back to my phone and activiate the screen every 15 mins to see if I have missed anything

Cant always use the 'back' button to go back through menus / applications - seems that if 'done' is on the soft keys you have to use that and the 'back' button becomes redundant

Perhaps the guys at Microsoft should spend a few more days using as Nokia handset!!