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View Full Version : Location, Location, Location (For Developers, That Is)

David McNamee
10-29-2003, 10:00 AM
Here’s a fun new feature to look forward to in the next version of the .NET Compact Framework. There will be built in support for retrieving physical location information from the device. Microsoft’s Ori Amiga did a couple of demos that showed, in less than a dozen lines of code, how to retrieve address information from a Smartphone and use it in your application. The .NET Compact Framework will provide an abstraction over whatever mechanism the carrier uses to provide that data.

The possibilities for solutions using location information are nearly limitless. Combine the location data with something like MapPoint Web Services and you’ll be able to create route planners, city guides, or even a map of where people on your buddy list are in relation to you. The data by itself could be used to improve data collection accuracy in applications like claims form and incident reports. This is going to be huge!