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Old 03-29-2004, 08:00 PM
Jason Dunn
Executive Editor
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Default Join The Digital Media Thoughts Review Team

Do you have a talent for writing and a desire to share you opinions with others? If so, you might be just the type of person we're seeking for the Digital Media Thoughts review team. We're looking for individuals who enjoy trying out new digital media software and hardware, and who are willing to share what they find with our community. Above all, reviewers should enjoy writing about on subject they're passionate about the biggest difference between a Digital Media Thoughts reviewer and a reviewer from a mainstream publication is a personal commitment and interest in the subject matter.

Being on the review team is a volunteer position, but hey, fame and glory last forever right? ;-) Reviewers will have the opportunity to try out the latest digital media software and hardware, and be given an opportunity to share their findings with the greater community. Digital Media Thoughts is a professional publication with established copy editing and layout procedures, so if you're looking to gain experience as a writer, writing for us is good training.

In order to quality for a permanent position on the review team, we're asking those who are interested to write a sample review of a digital media software title or hardware accessory that they own. The review should be between 500 and 1000 words in length, should be of a current product that's available on the market today, and be based on the Thoughts Media Inc. review template (DOC|PDF). Reviews will be judged on the quality of writing (spelling, grammar, and terseness), the analytical skills of the reviewer, and the adherence to our template. While we have a talented copyeditor to help polish up the reviews, you should submit a review that has been checked over several times for accurate spelling, grammar, and working hyperlinks. Sample reviews should be submitted as a single Word document with embedded images. Be sure to keep the original images in the event that your review is selected for publication (once graphics are embedded into a Word document, they lose quality when extracted).

We will be accepting reviews up until April 15th, and by May 1st the new members of the Digital Media Thoughts review team will be announced on the site. Please submit your sample reviews to jason at digital media thoughts dot com. If you have any questions that might be relevant to other reviewers, please ask them in this discussion thread. Otherwise, please send me an email, not a private message. Thank you!
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