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Old 02-16-2009, 04:13 AM
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Default Winmob 6.1 problem when typing sms recipient.

Hello All.

I finally replaced my older XDA 2s with HTC Touch Pro.
Strangely, my first impression with the sms module on winmob 6.1 is somewhat depressing.

On my old PDA's phonebook, I assigned a character in front of some of my contact:
I placed an "a" in front of my favourite contact, so they will be on top of the contact list for easy access. Example : "a Mom Hp"
I placed a "c." in front of all the people from my old office. example : "c. Mickey Mouse"
I placed a "d." in front of all the people from my current office. example : "d. Donald Duck"

When I synched my phonebook to HTC Touch Pro, then I tried to send sms to my mother, this is what happened:

From: (SMS\MMS)

On the "To:" field, I usually type "a(space)m" and then my old PDA will fill the rest to "a mom hp".
But on the new PDA, when I type "a" and press (space), the To: field is immediately filled with another contact (that starts with an A) on my phonebook. Seems like we are not supposed to press (space) in the To: field of winmob 6.1.
I have turned off all the T9 and word completion options, yet, this still continue.

Weird and very frustrating. Anyone has any idea how to turn this "feature" off?
I do not want to rename all my contacts ...
Thanks in advance.
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