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Old 12-02-2004, 01:00 AM
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Default Killer Apps For The Pocket PC


This article features what I think are for the Pocket PC. They range from system management utilities to very slick applications that allow you to do cool things whilst "on the go". This is the kind of stuff that Pocket PC's were made for I reckon! ( Gaming aside of course! )

Can you do without Battery Pack Pro?

Hailed as "The Only Pocket PC Utility You Will Ever Need!" - I don't think that many people can disagree. This baby contains just about everything - I remember downloading it and buying it within 10 minutes of installing! A definite killer application!

MemMaid" target="_blank">[b]40% OFF the list price at!

Resco" target="_blank">Resco Explorer which comes with the following functionality : Strong File Encryption, ZIP Compression, File Manager, a built-in picture viewer, Network Browser, Registry Editor and an FTP add-in. I dont think anyone could do it better! Salute Resco! Also, you can now grab this great application for [b]30% OFF the retail price!

Groovy" target="_blank">[b]30% OFF from

[b]Travelling" target="_blank">Pocket Earth is a great looking Pocket PC application that displays an interactive 3D Earth on your PPC. With a great range of functionality including automatic update of the Earth's shadow and pseudo rotation of the Earth all relative to where you are at. Very cool indeed - one of my favourite applications ever!

Managing" target="_blank">Mastersoft's Money V5 is an easy to use all-in-one personal finance manager. It allows you to run all your finances from your handheld featuring 3D graphs, charts, icons and an amazingly simple to use interface. For a limited time, get it from at the special rate of [b]40% OFF !

Manage" target="_blank">Pocket Stock Monitor is a great tool for you to monitor the stock markets and their performance while you work or when you're mobile! When you are in your office, simply put your Pocket PC in its cradle and use Pocket Stock Monitor to continuously monitor your stocks. Glance at your Pocket PC every once in a while to see how the markets are doing. Plus - when you are on the road, connect wirelessly using your Pocket PC Phone Edition and get stock quotes anywhere, any time! On top of that, it also calculates profit/loss and total dollar balances of your investments with latest quote price information. Now, you can now grab this great utility at [b]30% OFF the list price.

Ebay" target="_blank">Abidia Wireless uses special BidSync technology to let you search e-Bay, including images! By simply entering the keywords that you are interested in, items with images will be transferred to your mobile device. You can select items from searches to watch, bid, or monitor with one hand via your devices keypad or touch screen. The items will be synchronized with your My eBay account. You can easily see when you have won, been out-bid, when an item has sold, or an item has a new bid! This is a great way to find items if you are a buyer, and to research competitive prices and products if you are a seller. Abidia Wireless maintains and synchronizes your watch list between your cell phone and eBay, and allows you to bid on items. You can view the status of your active auctions, and the details of any items that have sold successfully, as well as items that did not sell. Thanks to the good folks at Abidia, you can now get this great application for [b]a staggering 50% OFF the list price - only from! Oh yeah, I would also like to mention that this software also works on Palm OS, Pocket PC, Smartphone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and J2ME ! Never lose a bid again !

Amazing" target="_blank">PenReader enables handwriting text input possibility, making working with your device more comfortable and effective. It doesn't require training or adjustment for a particular handwriting - it's ready to work right after installation on your Pocket PC! Sometimes you need to input a piece of information very quickly. For example, it may be some contact information (telephone number) in Pocket Outlook. You can now grab this great utility for [b]40% OFF the list price at!

Remotely" target="_blank">VNC client for Pocket PC. For those who don't know, VNC (or Virtual Network Computing) allows you to remotely control a computer over a local network or the internet. As far as I know, this is the ONLY truly working client for the Pocket PC because it is the only one that allows use of the right mouse button. The new PTvnc 2 implements file transfer between client and server, updated server software, and the option to set the IP/hostname and password from within the program. You can now grab this great utility for [b]40% OFF the list price, courtesy of Parys Technology.

AirScanner" target="_blank">Airscanner´┐Ż is the best application out there at the moment to defend your PPC from computer viruses. From the company that wrote the bestselling technical book "Maximum Wireless Security" comes a professional-strength virus scanner for the Pocket PC. It includes real-time virus scanning and Intrustion Detection, Forensics, and anti-spyware tools. With this application, you can quarantine or eradicate embedded viruses and malware, conduct fast, optimized scanning speed based on patent pending technology, perform automatic online updates of virus signatures and scanning engine. You can now grab this great utility for [b]40% OFF the list price.

Create" target="_blank">Syntrax is packed with all the professional features you might expect from a mobile music studio. This includes MIDI support, a sequencer, sample editing, software synthesizer, realtime echoes, morphing etc. It has all that the modern musician wants when away from the studio! A sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a great mobile package! Never again will you be bored in the train, never again will you whistle that tune and be not able to write it down. Mobile composing is here! You can now grab this great utility for [b]40% OFF the list price from

Mobile" target="_blank">TimeSheets is a time recording system for anyone who must keep track of billable time worked. It even supports hardcopy printouts. A truly useful application to keep tab on how much you are making! You can now grab this great utility for [b]30% OFF the list price. There is also a PDF add-on available.


There you have it - a list of really cool Killer Applications for the Pocket PC. With the advent of more and more wireless connected Pocket PCs's, a whole new range of applications will materialise in the near future to meet the demand of their users.

- - - - - - - - - -
The above article is a paid advertisement for ClickApps and does not necessarily represent the views of Pocket PC Thoughts.
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