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Old 04-30-2003, 08:03 PM
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 232
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I opted for the full 8 meg upgrade

So... here's my list:

Alison's Blog 60k 40k
BestStuff - Handheld 150k 100k
Brian's Belly 100k
Business Thinkers 100k
Business Week 100k 50k
CNET 150k
CNN 110k 50k 175k
Daily Almanac 10k
Daily Bread 150k
Daily Wisdom To Go 75k
Daily Word 350k
Detroit Free Press 100k 50k
Expedia To Go 90k
F I C T I O N O P O L I S 250k
FlightLookup 150k
Gizmodo Gadgets Weblog 300k
Golf Digest 300k
Google 30k
Greg's iPAQ and PocketPC Software List 200k
HandHeldCrime 150k 50k
Horoscopes 70k
Joke A Day 30k
Joke A Day (Mature) 100k
LifeTrek Coaching 100k 100k
Michigan NOAA Weather 150k Headlines 100k
New York Times 140k
New York Times - Front Page 70k
North Oakland Michigan - Movie Listings 200k
PC WORLD.COM 60k 100k 150k
Pocket PC Life 150k
Pocket PC Thoughts 200k 120k
PocketPC Magazine 150k
pocketPCpassion 200k
Powerquotes 10k
PPC Tips and Tricks 100k 175k
Restaurant Row Offline 100k
Salon 120k
SciFi Channel 100k
Scobleizer Weblog 100k
Shooter's Home Page 300k 5k
South Oakland Michigan Movie Listings 200k
The Onion 125k
The Wall Street Journal 100k
The Weather Channel 50k 50k
WeatherPixie 60k
What's Next in Mobile Tech 250k 100k Mobile Edition 150k
Wired News 175k
Words of the Month 15k
Yahoo! 70k

Takes a long time to synch, but I'm never out of reading material!

I read these the most:
The Onion
USA Today
Detroit Free Press
and Gizmodo

I've set up most of my channels to optimize the size, and synch only as needed... so at any time, my synch times are staggered, rather than staggering :lol:
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