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Old 12-27-2007, 02:20 AM
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Lightbulb How to Recalibrate your Zune Battery

How to Recalibrate your Zune Battery

My Zune 4GB was having bit of glitch, not on the performance front, its doing superb, But the glitch was, the battery icon in Zune, which was not accurately representing the battery charge. It used to show full charge after charging and used to show up to half level when used and level used to stuck at that level even after further use. And from that level, when the battery was discharged, the next level shown was low battery. So to rectify this, one has to Recalibrate the battery.The battery icon may not accurately represent the battery charge that is available until battery has been fully charged and then discharged one time after you update the device. To properly cycle the battery, follow these steps: - Update your Zune with the latest Zune device firmware available. At present the latest version is Version 2.3 (1145). For this, from the Zune software installed on your comp. click > Settings > Software > General > Check for updates. Connect your Zune with USB Sync cable, open the Zune software while the Zune device is still connected to your computer, the Zune software searches the Internet for the latest version of the firmware. If a newer version of the Zune firmware is available, a message to update your device appears. You can also manually check for new device updates by clicking Settings > device > Device Update.
NOTE: Do not move or disconnect the Zune device until the update is complete. The update may take several minutes. During this time, the Zune device may restart several times.
- Now we will come to the calibration part. With the battery at a half-full charge or less, connect the Zune device to a power source and fully charge it until you get the green battery icon. ( ) . Now disconnect it from power source.
- Go to the default screen > settings > display > backlight > and select 'always on'. Now from the display option only select brightness > and set it to 'high'.
- Come back to default screen by holding back button. Select music, shuffle all.
- Keep your Zune aside. Once the Zune device turns off; which will take some time, press the play\pause button to check whether your Zune turns again or not. If the Zune turns back on, wait until it turns off again, and then press the play/pause button. Repeat this step until the Zune device no longer turns on.
- When the Zune no longer turns on, connect it to a power source and Change the display settings back to your preferred choices, defaults are backlight >15sec. and brightness > medium
- Fully charge the device until the battery icon appears green ( ).
So in this way you can recalibrate your battery. After recalibrating, my Zune battery icon accurately represent the battery charge available.
(Based on : KB article ID927710)
(source: How to Recalibrate your Zune Battery)
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