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View Full Version : Apple RANT -- iTouch

08-26-2009, 01:33 PM
Ok - the wife is going in for major cancer surger, and says she wants a music player to take with her. I was thinking another nano (she has "lost" two) - but she really likes Pandora and knows I have it on my iPhone, so thought she would want it on an ipod --

So now I'm looking at the iTouch. Each of our two kids have one. I make a trip to the apple store, not wanting to do online because I don't know when the surgery will be scheduled, and don't want it in the mail when she goes in the hospital. At the apple store I pickup a 16Gig iTouch, screen protectors, and a new case for the daughters iPhone, total with tax high $300's.

The first thing that happens when I plug it into the wife's computer, is iTunes comes up and informs me there is a OS update for the Touch -- and would I like to part with an additional $10 to buy it!!! What this is a brand new device - this OS was released months ago, and I still have to pay additional money for it. What a RIPOFF. If I buy a new device it should come with the lastest OS not try and extort more money out of me once I get it home and start to set it up. Or at the very very least the packaging and store employees should have told me about it BEFORE I purchased the touch.

I did end up spending the $10 because the features looked compelling, and I didn't want the hastle of updateing later and potentially causing myself more work.