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View Full Version : I have no Storage Memory!

06-22-2009, 07:45 AM
My Samsung i760, running Windows Mobile 6, started acting up about a week ago. It would often give the "Storage memory is critically low..." message, even when few programs were running. I deleted a lot of old files from "My Documents" in main memory. It didn't help. Now, as soon as I soft reboot, I get the "Storage memory is critically low..." messagebox. Immediately after a soft reboot, the main memory report is as follows:
Total: 64.46 MB
In Use: 64.45 MB
Free: 0.01 MB
In Use: 26.73
Free: 27.75
I examine the "Running Programs" tab, and NOTHING is running. When I try to add a Calendar entry, I get a messagebox stating that no storage memory is available. The new appointment is not saved.
What could cause this? I will restore from my most recent Sprite backup to see it that helps, and hope that this situation does not recur.

06-28-2009, 12:20 PM
I think you are confusing storage space with memory space. Memory is used when programs are run, whereas storage is used when you install programs, or sync files across to your device.

Have you installed any new or large programs recently?

You can use the search function on your PDA to look for files larger than a set size

There are some utilities out that may help, I have not tried them, but Cleartemp freeware (http://www.pocketpcsoft.net/php/frontpageclick.php?id=27295) may may help.

Reid Kistler
06-28-2009, 05:51 PM
Just for the heck of it, try clearing out all of your TEMP files - including those for whatever browser you are using - along with saved Text Messages, & see whether or not some free space opens up.

Do you keep e-mail on your device? Where is that data stored?

Also, do you have old .cab files sitting around? Delete these as well (and / or copy to SD card / desktop machine).

Assume your device has ability to use removable media, like SD card? If so, try uninstalling any unimportant apps (GAMES come to mind) - reboot - and then re-install these to your SD card.

Am certain there are other things you can try, as well as some apps (Resco Explorer, MemMaid....) that can help with the process...