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View Full Version : Problems with TMobile Vario II (HTC Hermes) wm5.0 and wm6.0

06-14-2009, 11:56 AM
I hope someone can help.

I have a TMobile branded MDA Vario II which is also known as HTC Hermes.

I am really happy with the handset but unfortunately my last one died unexpectedly. I bought a new(ish) one to replace it and I am now trying to reinstall all the Contacts, Calendar etc which I had synched with my PC.

However, I upgraded my old phone to wm6.0 and that is no longer available from TMobile or Windows and wm6.1 has not yet been released to TMobile so I am stuck with wm5.0. I know it has been released to HTC but they said I couldnt download through them. TMobile Customer Services just said "bad luck" effectively.

I dont whether the software is the problem or what it is, but I cannot sync my new phone to the data on my PC. This means I have lost all my Contacts and Calendar entries which is a bit of a calamity. I cant even locate them on my PC, because they don't appear in the folder. All my Word and Excel files are there and I was able to copy them across but not the rest of it. The error message I keep getting is that the Outlook server is not set up properly or something.

I dont really care how I get my Contacts back. Im even happy to write them down manually and transfer them across if I have to. Can anyone help!?