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View Full Version : Major guide updates: Opera Mini text copy; modem & Internet sharing and Windows 7

06-05-2009, 04:54 PM
I've just finished updating three major articles / bibles with the most recent changes, tips, tricks and app versions:

A review of Windows 7 & tips & never-before-published hacks (http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/blog/9/review-windows-7-tips-never-published-hacks) - added extensive coverage of the current, RC1 version of Windows 7. It runs much better on the HP TC1100 Tablet PC than the first beta and is highly recommended.

Another major breakthrough from me: I've enabled copying from Opera Mini on ALL mobile platforms!! (http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/blog/9/another-major-breakthrough-me-ive-enabled-copying-opera-mini-all-mobile-platforms) - during the course of the last two days, I've added some major functionality enhancements to my Opera Mini helper. A MUST if you have ever wanted to copy any text from Web pages visited in Opea Mini!

The multiplatform bible of using your handset as a modem (http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/blog/9/the-multiplatform-bible-using-your-handset-a-modem) - 1. connecting via both PAN and DUN over Bluetooth (and Wi-Fi p2p) in Windows 7 (which is the same as in Windows Vista); 2. Symbian (Wi-Fi) news; 3. Windows Mobile (Wi-Fi) news; 4. what you should go for on the iPhone

Look for the "UPDATE" sections at the bottom!