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View Full Version : Audio Software for making notes, ringtones, etc.

04-07-2009, 10:37 AM
What software items do you usually use on your Pocket PC in the following situations?

For your Personal use

* record personal notes
* exchange notes
* send audio jokes
* create all sorts of ringtones and share them

For your Family use

* voice reminders for your kids or husband
* personalized ringtones for each member
* recorded shopping lists
* perfect for helping your kids memorizing and pronouncing foreign words

For your Studies

* record your lectures
* get help in studying foreign languages
* stop scribbling down and just listen

For your Professional use

* eliminate all noises during a conference
* use it for interviews
* voice your ideas (no need of pen&paper)
* record all your important calls (for devices that don't have restrictions)