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View Full Version : trying to encode mkv files to zune/ipod mp4

03-29-2009, 07:49 PM
I have several mkv files i would like to convert on to my zune (mp4) and I cannot find an encoder that will work outside of Any Video Converter, even then I cannot turn off the subtitles (which look hideous, if they used a different font maybe it would be acceptable, and I could use the Japanese audio track with them) and just use the engligh audio.

I have tried Handbrake, it just crashes, video fab (not free) crashes but will convert my non-mkv files no problem (and keeps the audio in synch). videora seems to crash but that is the actual Zune version (haven't tried the ipod one)... cucusoft isnt free & it keeps crashing when I abort the encode because it isn't doing anything, so it isnt good for me...

Please do not suggest SUPER:

all I get are files that are out of synch. It used to be such a great program up until a couple of years ago when it started doing this with my files. I have even tried different computers, it's the program not the computer's hardware.

anyone got any ideas for a program that works?
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