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View Full Version : For Trade: Brown Zune for White or Black Zune

05-22-2007, 10:10 PM
My friend just got a brown Zune. He said he was given it at a Zune sponsored party here in New York. He wants to trade it for a white or black Zune.

Here are the specs on his Zune that he wants to trade:
+ Brand new!
+ Brown w/ the Green "double shot" (is that what they call it?)
+ 30gb

He wants a black or a white Zune. Since his is brand new (not a scratch on it!) he wants to trade for a while one that is in mint condition. It doesn't have to be special edition or anything...just a white or black 30gb Zune. This will be a Zune for Zune swap: Keep your own headphones/cd/box/cables/etc., just trade Zunes.

If anyone is interested, hit me up via PM. My friend doesn't have an account on here so he's asked me to find someone who wants to trade. I can provide my eBay account ID if you like - I have 225 feedback with 99.9% positive! I also have a Heatware account if anyone knows what that is.

Here are two pictures of the Zune that he wants to trade:



Thanks guys!