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View Full Version : Daylight Savings Time Glitch

Reid Kistler
03-12-2009, 01:54 PM
Have had an interesting - and Frustrating - TIME with the recent Daylight Savings change:

1) My FUZE jumped its clock forward BY TWO HOURS instead of only one. :(

2) Manually set the clock back one hour - to correct the time-of-day error - but the system changed ALL FUTURE RECURRING Appointments to take place one hour LATER than originally scheduled:
a) For Ex: Class we teach Wed & Th evenings show up (Correctly) at 6:30 pm on Mar 4/5 - but now are listed at 7:30pm on dates Mar 11/12 & Later.
b) Free Standing Appointments, even those created BEFORE the Time Change, have retained their original schedule. (AFAIK! :confused:)
c) ALAS Free Standing Appointments that were created as a COPY/CHANGE DATE of prior appointments are NOT correctly scheduled in the future.
d) Built-in All Day Events - Easter, Tax Day... - are now shown as ONE DAY EARLIER than they should be (just NOW noticed that... :mad:)

ALL appointment times are correct in Outlook (Office Pro/Vista), both before and after syncing Fuze. Was hoping Sync would SOMEHOW Magically Fix times on the Fuze, but it did not.

Also applied the December 08 Daylight Savings Fix (to the Fuze) that MS has posted on their website. Appears to have had no impact (in theory it should not have changed anything on the Fuze, but at least one other user has reported that it did).

Switched Auto Daylight Time to OFF (AFTER the fact...): no noted changes.
Have, of course, RESET the Fuze several times in the above process.

3) Also noted yesterday that the clock on my AXIM had also jumped forward by 2 hours. Do not maintain current appointments on the Axim anymore and so did not notice the error right away. Cannot recall having such a problem with that device in the past.

Correcting the time on the Axim did NOT impact those recurring appointments that still exist on that device. (That is, moving Clock back one hour - to correct for the 2 hour jump forward - leaves recurring appointments at their correct 6:30 scheduled time.)

4) OTOH, wife's Axim made the CORRECT time change for Daylight Savings. Apparently she just lives right....;)

Thought to Repair Recurring Appointments by simply moving them back one hour - but they are CORRECT for Past Dates, and INCorrect for Future Dates - which makes no sense at all! (Apparently Fuze thinks I have done a Temp Move to another time zone??)

So ?? becomes whether this is problem Unique to Fuze (except Axim also jumped 2 hours); To Windows Mobile Pro 6.1 (but Axim runs 2003SE); Happens only with certain combos of Device/OS/3rd Party SW; Or WHAT - ??

And, of course, a Very Important Question is "What - if anything - can be done to correct the problem(s)?"

Reid Kistler
03-12-2009, 08:24 PM
Appear to have "solved" the time/date glitch problems.
Steps used:
1) Windows Mobile Device Center: Manage A Partnership: If Conflict -> Selected "replace items on device." This had been set to "Replace Items on Desktop.

2) Outlook (2007): Removed ALL Holidays from 2006 - 2012.

3) Sync: Holidays removed from Fuze

4) ADD Holidays to Desktop Outlook. This put the 2006-2012 Holidays back into Outlook 2007. Initially took out only 2009-2012 Holidays, but then ended up with DUPLICATES for 2006 - 2008....

5) Sync: 2006-2012 Holidays are once again on the Fuze - but now with CORRECT DATES (ie: Tax Day is April 15, whereas it had been April 14th before & so on). Among the problems fixed was that MEMORIAL DAY was being incorrectly shown on the Fuze. Walked through 2009 - 2010 to ensure Outlook 2007 & Fuze calendar (PocketInformant) were in agreement: all ok.

6) In Outlook (desktop): Opened Re-occurring Appointments (one-by-one...) and CHANGED some bit of text on each - for SERIES. Save & Close.

7) Sync: Reocurring appointments on Fuze now show the same - and correct - Start/End times for dates before AND after Daylight Savings Time.

8) Somewhere along the way the appointments that I KNEW had been made by "Copy / Change Date" - and which had shown up 1 hour later on the Fuze - ALSO corrected their times (back one hour) to agree with the actual appointment times.

At the moment everything appears to be peachy. Will be keeping an eye out to see whether it remains so - AND, of course, will be anxious around the "Fall Back" date.....

Reid Kistler
03-12-2009, 08:28 PM
Appear to have "solved" the time/date glitch problems.

The Actual PROBLEM is, of course, NOT "SOLVED" - all I managed to do was to Repair the DAMAGE it caused.... :eek:

I hope!