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View Full Version : The first REAL video: MWC: Gameloft's Prince of Persia on the 1GHz WVGA Toshiba TG01!

02-19-2009, 12:08 AM
Yesterday I posted (http://www.smartphonemag.com/cms/blog/9/breaking-news-toshiba-tg01-1-ghz-cpu-benchmarked-real-life-situations-three-videos) a quick video of Gameloft’s Prince of Persia, which is a 3D accelerated title making use of the 3D hardware acceleration of the forthcoming and really-really fast (1GHz Snapdragon) Toshiba TG01. Today, I made two additional videos – now with a tripod and at the resolution of 1024*768, meaning far better video quality and stabilized picture.

The YouTube version (see THIS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbSygbjObQM)) has a lowish resolution, even in high-res mode (I’ve uploaded the original version to the YouTube; too bad the engine downgraded it); therefore, I can’t really recommend it if you want to admire the full WVGA (800*480) resolution of the game. You’ll want to download the high-quality H.264 version of the video HERE (http://www.winmobiletech.com/022009MWC/MVI_9588.AVI.MKV) (Rapidshare backup HERE (http://rapidshare.com/files/199757902/MVI_9588.AVI.MKV)) and HERE (http://www.winmobiletech.com/022009MWC/MVI_9589.AVI.MKV) (Rapidshare backup HERE (http://rapidshare.com/files/199759061/MVI_9589.AVI.MKV)) to admire the full glory of the graphics. Note that, while taking the first video, I still didn’t know how to go to the left; the booth girl didn’t know it either. (It was after this that I’ve learnt you only need to tap right the lower left area of the compass to walk left.) These files use the Matroska format; if your system doesn’t support it, just get and install the highly recommended and useful all-in-one multimedia player, Videolan VLC (http://www.videolan.org/); it’ll play them back without problems.

Note that, so far, no one else has published a real, high-resolution video of the game running on Windows Mobile – except for us. (The only real, Windows Mobile-specific article I could find was pocketgamer.co.uk’s short, video- or in-game screenshot-less article published today (see THIS (http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Mobile/Prince+of+Persia+Zero/out_there.asp?c=11662))).

The game really rocks. Too bad Gameloft doesn’t let their Windows Mobile games purchased via the traditional channels like ClickGamer or Handango (or even through their homepage) but requires you to download it from your mobile operator – unlike with, say, the iPhone version, where you can purchase all their (on the iPhone, because of the hardware, high-quality and well-polished) stuff. If your particular operator doesn’t offer it, then, you’re out of luck. This is why there isn’t a single download of, for example, the Windows Mobile version of Asphalt4.