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View Full Version : Zune 850mAh Battery Upgrade Tutorial

05-18-2007, 05:16 PM
I bought an iPod 850mAh battery off eBay for about $10. It's the same one they sell on iPodMods.com for $20. This mod will void your warranty, so you might not want to install the new battery unless you are also upgrading your hard drive (I upgraded mine to an 80gb drive) or if your battery is starting to go bad.

The new 850mAh battery:

The old (factory) 800mAh battery:

Tools needed: small + and - screw drivers:

First, power off your Zune by holding DOWN & BACK for a few seconds until the screen goes black.

Remove bottom shield with - screw driver:

Pry open the Zune case using the - screw driver. Start from the bottom:

Open the shell, be careful not to break any tabs:

Unplug the old battery:

Remove it from the Zune:

Install the new battery:

Lock down the ribbon cable into the jack by pressing the brown tab:

Then just follow the steps in reverse to put everything back together again. Power on your Zune and let it charge it for atleast a few hours before using your Zune. Enjoy!

The new battery definitely lasts a little longer - well worth $10. Check eBay to see if there are any more. Just search for Zune 850mAh battery (http://forums.thoughtsmedia.com/zune%20850mAh%20battery) on eBay. :)