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View Full Version : Trying Unlock I930

01-08-2009, 05:52 PM
Hey guys im new to this website but dont getme wrong ive been reading on here for months and I think its time I joined. Ive been trying to unlock my I930 nextel phone with a boost sim card and 1GB memory.. whenever I try to use WEBJAL or JAL it shows that stop sign and after about 15secs it says unable to retrieve info from server.. :mad: I do not know whyit does this and ive tried numerous different progs and one of them almost worked but my phone just turned off... so I was thinkingI have to unlock the phone and I use nunlock but when I use nunlock it asks me for a subsidy code and it tells me use 12345678 I used that it doenst work and theirs another one that they tell me 2 use and it doesnt work either and the last one is on the screen it says hardware key ****-C03E none of them work I really need to unlock my phone so I can use opera browser and JAL to load java apps and get text messaging anyone who knows about this your help is greatly appreciated thanks