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View Full Version : Detailed View - Running Processes...

11-06-2008, 06:13 PM
I need an application (free is nice) that provides a very detailed view of running processes. Right now I'm using memory maid. It shows that I have consumed 24 megs of my 46.9 available. However the system shows I'm using 43.46. I have no idea what is using what. I've tried removing applications to improve things and haven't seen any change.

I need an application that will show me where *ALL* my memory is going so that I can figure out how to fix my problems.

It's very annoying having 102 megs free in storage while only having 3.0 free in programs. Gosh how I miss the old slider that would let you allocate memory to meet your needs. Why oh why did they have to discontinue that???

Spring Mogul PPC-6800
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